Claiming YOUR Unclaimed YouTube Income

F-10 Digital are specialists in the commercialisation of User Generated Content & your Unclaimed Content on VOD platforms such as YouTube.

We work with internationally renowned artists such as:

SNOW PATROL, THE SPECIALS, GERRY CINNAMON, WHITE LIES, THE DAMNED, KEN BOOTHE, HORACE ANDY, BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB + many, many more, generating thousands in unclaimed additional revenue across our roster every month.

How Does it Work?

We manually identify, locate, control and claim all of your content that is being missed by the conventional YouTube automated Content I.D. matching system. This is traditionally only searching for an artist’s officially released studio recording or dedicated label content. We claim content such as:

The rights contained within these videos are currently not under control and therefore the videos are not being monetised and are not generating you any money. 

Every time an artist’s performance is recorded audibly or visually they have rights to that recording, even if it was only recorded on a mobile phone. We take control of these unclaimed AV rights on your behalf and increase your YouTube earnings and ensure that you are paid what is rightfully yours. As of June 2021 YouTube’s new T&Cs also allow them to place adverts on all content on their platform, meaning even if your material remains unclaimed, YT will still place adverts on the material and generate revenue despite the artist not receiving their fair share. 

What Do We Do?

We undertake extensive manual research in order to discover every possible video containing our artists performance and rights and claim these videos and the corresponding Ad Revenue they generate on your behalf. We will also seek out and remove any fraudulent or erroneous third party claims on your content infringing your flow of income. Additionally we can also tidy up and take down any additional unwanted content from the platform. 

The work we carry out is usually supplementary to any existing recording or distribution agreements that may be in place with labels / publishers that typically do not address the issue of third party user generated content on VOD platforms such as YouTube. 

A significant amount of YouTube’s music content also suffers from “Ownership Disputes” whereby more than one party is claiming ownership of the same content. When this is the case nobody gets paid. We are experts in helping resolve these issues and restoring the flow of revenue.  

We also optimise all existing content so that it complies with YouTube’s current best practices in order to maximise its visibility within YouTube algorithm’s and ensure the best possible viewing experience for fans. This allows us to greatly increase both watch time and frequency.

Further to these services, with our expertise we can also help to source, clear and release premium VOD products sourced from TV and radio archives around the world that we have discovered during our research process. Further to this we can help develop unique release strategies and marketing concepts in order to maximise the earning potential of all new content. 

In summary we will thoroughly and diligently research and administer all of your AV rights on YouTube in order to generate you extra income and maximise the revenue you receive from the platform. We can also remove any unwanted content and give you back complete control of your AV catalogue.

What Do Our Services Cost?

There is absolutely no upfront cost for our service, and we simply take a percentage off the top of any additional revenue that we generate for our artists, so it is a no lose scenario for the artist.

A broad estimate:

10,000 streams is worth between £8.50 – £25

100,000 streams is worth between £85 – £250

1,000,000 streams is worth between £850 – £2,500

On average our artists have received an additional £200 -£3500 GBP per calendar month through our collaboration.

Please note: Content can only be monetised from the point that it is claimed, and retrospective claiming for views is not possible. This means that the quicker we address these issues, the sooner we can prevent any further loss of earnings.

Joel Phillips heads up F-10 Digital from our Hamburg Office.

Prior to F-10, Joel has been working in this field for over 5 years working with prestigious clients such as Bob Marley, Kenny Loggins, Jake Bugg, Elvis Costello, Wolf Alice, Jools Holland, Live Aid, Live 8, and many more…

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